Our Commitment

The Genesis Project is committed to changing Nigeria’s operating environment so as to
bring all the people of Nigeria out of the reign of darkness and into the light. Towards
this end we will:
– Give substance to the slogan “One Nigeria” by promoting a fairer deal for all Nigerians
in terms of access to opportunities, and in terms also of a fair and sustainable method of
allocating public revenue across the different tiers of government.
– Work to “Keep Nigeria One” constitutionally by the consent of its peoples rather than
by the force of its Government.
– Promote unity amongst the peoples of Nigeria through the celebration and understanding
of all differences.
– Promote the cleansing of the Nigerian political system and good governance.
– Provide constructive support and (where necessary) critical opposition to those in power
in Nigeria, always aimed at the improvement of the well being of Nigerians and the
projection of a positive image of Nigeria
– Develop strategies for keeping the focus of Nigerians in Diaspora on their motherland
to harness their experience and resources towards its development.

Our Future

Our Values

Our Vision